Administering the company directory in Google Apps is often a difficult task. Many critical features, like rich user profiles and shared contacts, are not available in the Google Apps Control Panel, and editing these via APIs is not realistic for everyone. And Google Groups can quickly become a tangled mess, with the different options, nested groups and more

FlashPanel makes it easier than ever to manage users, Google Groups, org. units and the corporate directory. Tools like Shared Contacts and the Deprovisioning Workflow help you get the job done, quickly and securely.


User Management

1. Create/suspend/delete users

2. Search across all users

3. Manage user nicknames & profiles  

 (including photo, contact

 information, manager, & more)

4. Password management &  

 Enforcement (scheduling, forced


5. Export directory & bulk update

Shared Contacts

1. Create/edit/delete shared contacts

2. Auto-sync to users’ mobile devices

Email Settings

1. Email signature management

2. Email delegation

3. Set filters, IMAP/POP, labels,

 forwarding, send as alias & more in  

 bulk (apply to groups, OUs & all)

Drive, Sites & Calendar Tools

1. View & export complete inventory


2. Edit sharing settings in bulk

3. Manage calendar resources in bulk

4. View all of the calendars created on

 their domain

5. Add & remove collaborators

Security & Compliance

1. Email monitoring

- To check all the mails like


 With from and to date

2. Docs sharing policies, w/ violation

 alerts & auto-compliance


1. Full audit logs

 - Access control

 - Account

 - App Butler

 - Calendar tool

 - Calendar access control

 - Email & etc...

2. User activity by login & email  


3. Gmail & Drive storage


4. recently released reporting engine,

 you can build your own custom

 reports to view whatever is most

 relevant for your organization.

5. Reports are categorized in:

 - Canned Report

- Report Builder

- Quota Report

- Audit Logs

- Activity Logs

End User Tools

1. Google Apps training videos

2. Profile self-edit

3. Search directory, groups & shared


4. Directory, group member & shared

 contacts lookups

Admin Roles

1. We can gives the admin role  

 permissions to any user for different

 category like:

- User

- group

- Drive

- Org units

- sites

- Calendar

- Email tools

- Sync,etc..

2. Permissions can be granted by

 Domain wide access and restricted

 by ORG unit

Look & Feel

1. Good look & feel to access by new user.

2. it is more easy to access and handle.