GAMLN preserves your Lotus Notes mail throughout your migration, with support for

attachments and links to Notes documents, views, and databases

The following Notes mail features are converted to corresponding Gmail features


• Notes mail addresses are converted to Gmail addresses.

• Notes mail folders are mapp

ed to labels in Gmail.

• The yellow Gmail star is applied to

mail that has a Notes follow-up flag.

Additionally, the following GAMLN features help you fine-tune and monitor your mail migration:

• A folder-inclusion or folder

-exclusion list lets you manage which mail is migrated for each


• During migration, messages, contacts, and

calendar entries are marked with update


• GAMLN logs the number of messages transferred

and the total size of the mail transfer for

each user.


• Unread marks are not migrated to Google Apps. All mail is migrated as read.

• Label creation can fail for a folder if the user has changed the folder type to


Private on First Use

. This folder type may cause an internal “Notes 4005” error when

accessed by the migration agents.