Escalation Matrix for Google Apps


Step 1: Submission of your support request

You will have to raise your query with any of our service channels given below. You will receive a detailed response within 24 hours, depending upon the priority of the query.

Requesting you to raise a ticket at website on


or call us at our support number +91 22 3256 3250 / 8080 62 1001 Ext:2 In case you want Direct support from Google Then you may call on 1800 108 7879


Please provide us with your ticket number, domain name, your name, and mobile number for quicker resolution of your query.


Step 2: Escalation, if the query is not resolved within 24 hours

If you have not received a satisfactory response from the channels as per Step 1, you can escalate your query by calling us on number +91 22 3256 3250 / 8080 62 1001 Ext:2


Please mention the query reference number assigned to you for speedy resolution.


Step 3: Escalation to a higher authority

If your query has not been resolved to your satisfaction as per Step 2, you can escalate this complaint to Chetana Chaudhari by writing to us email at or our CEO at


Please mention the query reference number assigned to you for speedy resolution.



Support hours (India Time)

Support given for


10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Email not working.


10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Email not working,Migration related issues, Admin Console details, Policy Setup, Mail Client Configuration ( Please do not expect us to support any technology or product which we do not represent)


During10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Everything related to Google Apps as per subscribed package.


24X7 ( After Office Hours on critical issues )

Emails not working, Critical policy changes, User suspension or deletion issue, Data recovery (restoration upto 5 days from deletion), DNS errors. Any other critical issue.


After Office hours, in case of critical support, you may call Google 1800 108 7879 also.





Before you call us for support, kindly make sure that below conditions are met with.


1) Is the issue with mail client or webmail. If email issue persist in mail client then check the same using webmail.

2) Please confirm your internet is working

3) For migration related issues please check below.

The migration rate can be limited by hardware and/or network latency issues. Factors that can affect migration speed include:

3.1 Physical resources on the client machine, like CPU, memory, disk speed, and network connection speed.

3.2 Physical resources on the Microsoft® Exchange or IMAP server.

3.3 The overall speed of your network and your connection to external networks.

3.4 The amount of traffic outside your network.

3.5 Size of attachments in email.


Please check your support package subscription, Anything other than your subscribed package will be chargeable as per request and support available.