You can follow the instructions below to export a backup copy of your contacts from Outlook,  which can be imported into Gmail.  Note that this will result in duplicate records that will need to be merged or cleaned up.

  • For Outlook 2013, on the File menu, click Open & Export, then Import and Export. (For Outlook 2010, Click File > Options Advanced then, under Export, click Export)
  • Click Export to a file, and then click Next.
  • Click Comma Separated Values (Windows), and then click Next.
  • In the folder list, click the Contacts folder, and then click Next.
  • Browse to the folder where you want to save the contacts as a .csv file.
  • Type a name for the exported file, and then click OK.
  • Click Next.
  • Click Finish.

For Outlook 2011, follow steps 1 through 3 on this page:

Some Outlook contacts may be in your local cache, and cannot be migrated, nor will they be part of an export following the above instructions.  Microsoft has provided technical information on cached contacts at  We recommend you seek assistance from your IT support staff to follow these instructions.

Is it Local? (Missing Data?)

During the Early Adopter go-live, some people reported that some of their data was missing in Google.  Upon investigation, we found that most of the time, the reason for this was that the missing data was not stored on the Exchange server, but was instead only resident on the individual's computer.  Any local data of this type will need to be migrated separately following the instructions to Migrate Offline Mail Archives (PST or OLM files).

Below are some examples of the way email would appear if some of the data is local (local data circled in red):

Outlook for Windows


Outlook for Macintosh