Google Groups

Google Groups provides a convenient way for your users to send messages to groups of people they frequently contact. A group contains the email addresses of its members, so users can send a message to all the group's member's using the single address for the group. Users can user groups to more easily:

  • Communicate and collaborate with groups of people
  • Manage access to your documents, sites, videos, and calendars

Google Apps Google Groups are hosted in your domain ( and are limited to the users in your domain.

To access these groups, navigate to Directory > Groups


Google Groups for Business

Essentially, it is the same as Google Groups, but with a few added features. When enabled in your Google Apps Account, (not available in Free Google Apps) you can enhance messaging and collaboration among your users. With this service, users can:

  • Manage their group memberships
  • Create their own groups

Turn on Groups for Business