Sometimes calendar resources are not accepting invitations to events. In case this issue is not intermittent, please verify the solutions below before creating a case with Us


    Check to see if the resource calendars are shared with free/busy access. In order for domain users to be able to book a resource, they will need to have at least read access to it. Therefore, these resources need to have their domain access or user specific access set to “See all event details”. To set the resource to this, please follow these instructions:


    1. As an admin, access your calendar web UI
    2. Click the down arrow next to the resource you’re trying to edit and then select Share this Calendar
    3. Make sure that Share this calendar with others is selected, and the drop down next to the domain, is set to See all event details


    More information on how to allow users to book a resource in a domain, please revise this Help Center article.


    Finally, ensure that the user isn’t scheduling the event in the past, as resource calendars don’t respond to past events.


    If for some reason, the problem persists and user(s) are still not able to book a resource after following the troubleshooting steps above, please open a case with the information below:


    - Affected User

    - Brief Issue description

    - Resource Calendar Name or Resource Calendar ID

    - Troubleshooting info of event for which resource booking gets rejected

    - Message header of resource rejection email