This guide will walk you through the steps for configuring your Stern Gmail account via IMAP. 

This document was created using the Blackberry Bold 9650. Clients with different versions of the Blackberry may see slight differences with their screens than the screenshots provided in this guide. 

1. From your Blackberry home screen, select the ‘Setup’ icon (below). Note: The appearance of this icon (and all screenshots in this guide) may differ from what you see on yours.   



2. In the ‘Setup’ Screen, select the ‘Email Accounts’ icon (highlighted below).



3. Select the ’Internet Mail Account’ option to setup your Gmail on the Blackberry (highlighted below).


NOTE: If you have an existing email account(s) you will see them on screen at this time. If you already have a Stern email account configured on your device, you will need to remove this prior to adding the new one. To do this, select your current

Stern Email account from the list, press the Blackberry menu key (  ) and choose ‘Delete’ to remove the account. Note that this will remove all the emails you currently have in that inbox from your device.

If you do not have a current Stern email account but do have other generic email accounts configured on your device, select ‘Set up another email account’ as highlighted below.


4. You should see the following ‘Email Setup’ screen. Click on the ‘Other’ option (highlighted below).


5. When prompted, enter your credentials as follows:


· Email:  (e.g.

· Password: Enter your Stern email password

Click the ‘Show password’ box to see what you typed.

You will see the ‘Processing, Please wait…’ message while it checks your credentials (below): 




If the credentials were entered successfully, you should see the following ‘Account Setup Confirmation’ screen as shown below:


6. Scroll down the ‘Account Setup Confirmation’ page. At the bottom, under ‘Signature and Settings’, click on the ‘Change Settings’ button as highlighted here:


7. From here you can edit your account details. Under ‘General Options’, enter your Full Name in the ‘Your Name’ field (as highlightedbelow):


8. Scroll down to the ‘Signature’ box. If you want to enter a 'customized signature' for your blackberry email account, do so here:


9. Scroll down and select the ‘Advanced Options’ header to expand it (highlighted below):


10. Under 'Advanced Options’ enter the information as follows (below):


· Email Server:

· Email Server Type: IMAP (this will already be set)

· Port: 993

· Use SSL: Make sure the box is checked (as above)

11. Scroll down and select the ‘Save’ button (below) to confirm your changes.


12. Click on ‘Return to Setup’ in the ‘Account Setup Configuration’ window.



13. Press the Blackberry menu key (


) on your device and select 'Close'.         



If prompted with the ‘You are about to exit Setup’ message, select ‘Exit’.